CryoWEB V1.4
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The system help and documentation is layered in several levels:

Screen context help
For each screen in the data entry and reporting part, there is a context help, describing the purpose of the form and how to use it. In this help you can find short and clear instructions how to perform various tasks with the form, e.g. how to add a new animal, add a pedigree, correct a donor's data with the animal management form. The context help is shown by clicking on the label of the layout. As an example, the label for the animal management form is provided here, click on it to see the help: ANIMAL MANAGEMENT

Field context help
There is a context help for each field on a data entry form. It contains a detailed description of the data to be entered in the field, the required format of the input and examples of valid entries. To show this help you must click on the question mark near the field. As an example, the context help for the Animal ID field is shown here, click it to see the help: Click for help

User Manual
The most comprehensive documentation of the system is the User Manual. The manual includes a detailed description of the software, with instructions how to perform the typical data management task. A separate chapters are devoted to the basic principles of genebank documentation and the guidelines for organizing effective and consistent data archive. The User Manual (English version) can be downloaded in PDF format here: PDF

Frequently asked questions
A list of the most frequently asked questions is compiled together and can be downloaded here: PDF